Announcement of a new partnership with ERA7

Dear Questers,

We are glad to announce that Quest3 and ERA7 have reached a collaborative partnership.

ERA7 is the top 1 GameFi on the BNB chain according to the industry report in Q3. Quest3 and ERA7 will carry out external expansion and cooperation for the future ecology of eSportsFi, and also can be partners for ecological co-construction.

Meanwhile, the projects of ERA7’s ecosystem will embrace the exclusive marketing support and customized quests services provided by Quest3, ERA7 can promote user activities and events on Quest3 for ecological empowerment and user growth.

The cooperation between ERA7 and Quest3 will bring huge traffic and users to both communities and to eSportsFi, We are looking forward to your participation. Please follow ERA7’s official twitter to catch up on the latest news.

About ERA7

Era7: Game Of Truth is the BNB Chain TOP Gamefi project that combines the features of TCG and eSportsfi. The game features NFT card trading with a perfect combination of fighting and strategy. Players combine their cards with improving their deck and competing in PVP or PVE battles.

These NFT cards have value, and players can obtain high-value cards by collecting, fighting, trading, etc. In addition, era7 will constantly update its GameFi environment by developing new series cards, gaming methods, and battle passes to help users generate profit in eSports and tournaments.

Where to find Era7:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Whitepaper| Email| Discord

About Quest3

Quest3 is a Marketing Tool Collection for Sustainable Web3 Project Growth incubated by Hogwarts Labs.

We have 40+ quest and event templates, both on-chain and off-chain, that are completely free and open for everyone and constantly growing in variety.

Quest3 is aiming to be the Web3 native advertising platform, on which ads will be delivered in a fun and gamified way. Existing customers are operating in the fields of public chains, DeFi, NFT, GameFi, DAO, protocols and KOLs.

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